Fxnotch.com Team

Charles Padilla
Charles Padilla works as a content writer in our team. He expertises in finance contents and provides unique and interesting contents for finance news-stories. he loves reading finance magazines.
Elaine Evans
Elaine Evans, a crytponews expert edits crypto news-stories for our team. She has keen interest in crypto-exchanges and advices people dealing with it via her cryptocurrency blogs.
Henry Waldman
Henry Waldman is a forex news expert. He loves dealing with statistics values. He works as a forex news writer for our team. He loves reading finance blogs.
Melanie Mizrahi
Melanie Mizrahi is a freelance content writer and a professional blogger. She writes content related to finance. She works as a finance news editor at fxnotch.com.
Sara Ford
Sara Ford works as a senior editor at fxnotch.com. She has 6 years of experience as editor. She has deep knowledge about finance and loves reading finance news.
Shaun Goforth
Shaun Goforth is a finance analyst and excels in data interpretation. He also writes contents related to finance. He guides people regarding finance via conduction seminars.